Training Details

ME the Leader

Orientation on how to become indispensable employee, person to go to, for unique communication & engagement style within organization.

  • Swot analysis & presentation
    • Bi dashboard analysis, story telling and effective presentation.
  • Debono 6 thinking hats
    • Managing tough teams through disruptive communication process for qualitative decision making.
  • Communication for positive organization & change management
    • Two-way symmetrical & asymmetrical model change management & business NLP skills training.
  • Persuation Tools Model
    • Effective business communication within organisation to negotiate & persuade
    • Developing executive presence
    • Crafting an elevator pitch & communicating to hierarchial matrix.
    • Distributive negotiation technique vrs integrative negotiation technique
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Women at workplace, gender challenges, case studies and solutions (Activity based learning technique)
    • Managing corporate politics & manipulative people(Training on assertive communication & assertive boundaries)

Talk to my Hand

  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy
  • Transactional analysis
  • Human behaviour analysis
  • She said- he said, (Conflict management case studies)
  • Solution & communication engagement styles


  • Corporate Matrix, Integral relationships & WOMEN
  • Paradox-Women Centric, EQ, EI, EMPATHY
  • Transition to Corporate leadership, combatting
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