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Interview with Women Behavioural Trainer , 14yrs experience within leading Services IT MNC

Women centric programs conducted by her :

  • a. Leadership
  • b. Grass root level orientation for choosing suitable Career lateral movement


Scenario : Leadership program for Women

Audience : Women from mid managerial level to top

Agenda :

  • 1. Awareness for being successful leaders
  • 2.Diversity &Inclusion, Improving the gender gap to fill leadership positions
  • 3.To build & encourage women, for stronger pipeline of women leadership their succession pool.

(The company as such does not have other gender specific leadership programs Such as exclusive “men in Leadership program ”, as they believe there are more men in leadership positions than women in the organisation ).

Training Modality : open workshop

Process of approval : self -nomination & approval from respective manager

Challenges faced :

  • • Open workshops , the process has mandatory protocol of respective Though manager as authoritative approver for attending the program post the self nomination {High possibility of rejecting the nomination by the approver/supervisor & seeping in ,there arises a personal perception of approving manager , with no tools to assess approvers personal bias , which is alarming!}

  • • Trainer feedback mechanism is collated and surmised, limited to only L& D department , intrinsic review !unless the appraisal is initiated ,on overall programs conducted by trainer vrs success rate .{HR intervention to collaborate for such women centric programs with L&D department not upto the mark and is more business centric }

  • • It has been observed , such programs provided with lesser slots over an year {Turnout for such programs can challenge the overall Training Cost - ROI}

  • • Trainer facilitating such programs has to follow internal protocols, customization of training delivery and monotony of repetitive training methodology as agreed signoff from management . {Though to roll out the program is not challenging however ,post conducting these women centric leadership programs , the facilitator /trainer in few cases is not aware of improved statistics of women filling the leadership positions , thus facing self cynical perception whether they are doing just a lip-job ?}

Food for thought

Strong HR intervention with visible automated processes enabling a realistic view of data and statistics required to substantiate the learning needs for women centric training programs ,

Robust feedback, skip level mechanisms should be introduced when observed alarming less women within the teams, groups ,divisions within the organisations , esp mid- level to above and HR needs to intervene with strong push back mechanism to improve women / gender equality hires, leaders etc .

Breaking the myth, “that men are more agile for job specific flexibility than women, hence we nominate more men up the ladder than women” is sheer mindset and own preconceived inhibitions of the decision making internal sexist beauracratic system .

Call to Action & look no further :

  • 1)Highly qualified corporate behavioural Trainers(women themselves ) who would like to contribute to women empowerment initiative enabling & collaborating with our new -age women centric L&D setup ,wEmpower-W “by the woman for the women ” empowering women to face unprecedented challenges for self development and career growth strategically under one umbrella “the link between known and the unknown ” .
  • 2) Startup organisations or established L&D organisational departments willing to associate with us to bring in , external , one time cost- effective impactful disruptive readiness programs, ,not just in the leadership level but across all levels of the organization for all women employees, eventually to substantiate the improved training ROI and belief in such readiness program Shout- Out “Empowering Women ”thus practised and not preached .

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