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Training Experience: 20+ years

Academics: MA, B.Ed., MPhil (English Literature), MBA
Graduate - Career Education Association of Victoria Training- Australia

Professional Certifications

  • - ICF Certified Personal Success Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach & NLP Coach
  • - Life Coaching certification recognized as ACSTH by the ICF, USA
  • - NLP Coaching certification from ICTA
  • - Certified NLP Practitioner certification from American Union of NLP
  • - DMIT consultant


  • - Jaswinder is a mentor at NDIM, New Delhi, a core member at Mind Matrix Wellness Studio, Pune, a coach at Advise-Adda portal. Her corporate clients include Concentix, Bharti Airtel, PNB, LIC and Cordova.
  • - She was awarded Magicka Women Achievers Award 2015
  • - She has been honored by the Army Commander’s Commendation Card by The Indian Army for her excellent work on Special kids.

Other Certifiications in the wellness area are:

  • - Reiki, Acupressure, Pranic - Healing Experience

Over 2 decades, Ms.Jaswinder Grewal has been a driving force in changing lives of many women ,imparting training in most successful women-centric program termed “Women in Transition”, a 2 - 4 days NLP inclusive open workshop, be it independent women professionals, corporate women managers, women entrepreneurs seeking success in managing relationships - personal & professional and striking the right work-life balance leading to their personal success. Overall, women dealing with transitions, coping with stress, fear, seeking clarity in their goals, enhancing their communication skills to create success in both Personal & Professional spheres of life.

Jaswinder Grewal has commended wEmpower-W Communication & Training Pvt Ltd. for coming up with an ideation for a women centric training L&D firm under one umbrella, one brand name, where the niche women behavioral trainers, who have made an impact on social economic women empowerment, join hands for bringing a jumbo-shift and an edge to the concept on women empowerment for current & emerging global markets.

Jaswinder’s insight on how association with wEmpower-W company will help – Is to be able to achieve holistic development for your women employees through creative and innovative L&D initiatives, targeting on corporate readiness and building the futuristic organization that one aspires to be!

Together, she believes we will go a long way in creating a transformational change, making a difference with the talent and knowledge of proficient coaches and trainers combined with the infrastructure and vision of wEmpower-W.She believes it is the time to change in lieu with new-age women empowerment. There is a need to highlight women’s propensity for compassion and resilience, expressed through clearly defined purpose, connection and control as factors that contribute to success in the workplace.

Need to be leveraged through women centric programs which should have techniques - disruptive and unique, leading to women employee readiness more than retention, not only need basis but with a focus to empower women who are committed to building a successful career or looking to excel in their current roles.

Companies like wEmpower-W, should invite global investors to invest in award-winning women centric programs in India, that contain powerful methods and futuristic technology driven techniques that enable women to leverage their innate potential on the ground, to build their competence, use corrective psychology and build confidence to create a well -structured path to define a life that they want for themselves.Continuous need to reskill and up skill, through a dedicated mentor from wEmpower-W, will help to aide the dynamic nature of the corporate sector, leading to enhanced self-awareness, ability to communicate, influence and very importantly trade places (influentially negotiate), manage change effectively and in the process coach yourself and others to bring a positive difference to their professional and societal ecosystem.

{ wEmpower-W was provided an opportunity to obtain her insights on need for Women Centric Behavioral Training }

Team wEmpower-W: What is your personal take on – ‘Is there any need of women centric programs’? Why do we need women- oriented programs?
Jaswinder: I understand your question. I personally feel that at the higher hierarchy, women are already quite empowered. I think we need to start at the grassroots level. We should start at lower rungs of the ladder and then continuously empower them vertically up.

Team wEmpower-W: What has been your experience over 2 decades , did you see any gender discrimination for getting approvals for women centric workshops ?
Jaswinder: We do see a lot of women at leadership levels and they are great achievers. The progress is on and we must have this equality. The “glass ceiling” needs to be broken to bring in equality to get more women on board. Be it men or women, any one can achieve what they want to if they have a process laid out.

Team wEmpower-W: Have you done any women- oriented workshop?
Jaswinder: Yes I have. I normally start with Self-awareness that gives them a peep within. Empowering them with understanding the science behind Communications help them handle behavioral issues at workplace and at home. NLP when there is yet gender ratio gap, helps working women a lot to understand and create a life that you want to.

Team wEmpower-W: When we know that gender is a gender, there is male gender and the women gender, and the trainings are satirized. Do we require women oriented training?
Jaswinder: Do you think we should have a readiness program? Every women has to go through a physical change, the maternity leave, getting back after 9 months gap. When they get back, there is an evident appraisal gap. Why don’t the HR or the line managers provide a readiness program?

Team wEmpower-W: A returnee employee has been sitting idle away from work for 9 months What do you think can be changed in 2 days of training or readiness programs?
Jaswinder: After a 2 days program the participants might get motivated but it dies down after a while. So a continuous nudge from the coach is needed so that they are in touch with their inner-self and move ahead in life.There is an impact but it has to be a continuous training. My workshops are followed by one-on-one sessions. While some needed 6-8 sessions, some took 12 sessions. Each case is different as each client’s environment at home and work is different. Though there is one common concern of getting back to work, there are related different issues as well because of difference in the mental make up. I feel any training should be a continued and regular one.

Here, I would ask back a question! When a lady is on maternity leave, do you think she can work from home? A readiness program externally in lieu with what she is trying to gain from corporate break, definitely will surely strengthen their ability to secure a good job and secure a deserved promotion and make a distinctive impression that will impact their future.

Team wEmpower-W: As an independent SME , did you face any challenges getting validation?
Jaswinder: It does take time to be visible in the training sphere on your own.

Team wEmpower-W: When we are a part of an environment, there is a structure, a hierarchy, each hierarchy has a protocol to get this change, wherein we are doing a program but the feedback is not doing much to change the diversity ratio. Why do you think the companies are not taking initiatives? Is it because of a thought that women have shorter carrier paths?
Jaswinder: Yeah. Your question has triggered a thought in my mind. Why not involve men in the women oriented programs? Lets take their view on what do they think about it, rather than just trying to empower women. Lets also try to put this in the minds of Men leaders - why is this disparity? How can we improve the ratio?

Team wEmpower-W: Which training methodology do you prefer ? As you independent SME entity or are you associated with any company?
Jaswinder: I do it on my own and also team up with others too. But then , I am a firm believer that teaming up trainers SME like me under one roof is very powerful.wEmpower-W,Communication & Training Pvt Ltd is definetly a positive new- age initiative


(Trainer Survey Facilitator): Ms. Gehna Ahuja (Intern –Trainer Hygiene Research)

Support : Rachana and Swedha

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