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Talk To My Hand #TTMH

Invitation from wEmpower-W for the Women of Telangana & A.P.

Dear Woman, “Talk To My Hand” is an evasive expression of hopelessness to put an end to an argument, situation or Conflicts when under STRESS. It is a gesture expressing extreme behaviours of unapologetic anger with ego driven attitude or secluding oneself, as all hope lost.

Either you are a woman Leader by choice or by situation, Homemaker, Single mom, aspiring Actress, Anxiety of self-image, working professional in night-shifts trying to balance work-life, Returnee professional, Healthcare specialists, working parent of differently- abled child, woman in process of coming out of relationships, etc we all deal with Socio (self ), Economic ( financial ) & Community (support system ) challenges time and again in this highly competing world around us.

When unprecedented events push our mind & body into the "highSTRESS" zone, we are unable to rationalize our own behaviour which leads to the domino effect of conflicts with external environment and self.

! No Worries !

Block your calendar this summer for attending #TTMH on May 11th & 12th 2019.

wEmpower-W launching a fun-filled "Anti-Stress & Conflict Management" women centric development program based on new-age blended learning, for addressing the psychology behind the women related challenges with applied behavioural sciences the new-age way at Hyderabad-India.

We promise to empower your(woman) mind to deal with Socio-Economic & Community centric challenges, Stress & Conflicts free way, less of Gyan and more of Rationale as a take away, a new-age training imparted collaboratively by panel of behavioural science practitioner, practising Psychologist {Gold medallist} & experienced women empowerment behavioural trainer like never seen before.

Trust Us: This summer of 2019, that 2 days of weekend of your life where a Realm to Reality, training program on woman empowerment, like you have never experienced before will provide a platform of incremental change to develop empowered mind.

Registrations open 26th March 2019

ME The Leader

Women Leader by Choice or by Situation

Fact Vrs Facade : How Empowered are Women as Leaders?

  • #Double Bind - Women as Boss vrs Women as Leader
  • Policies and Protocols for creative leadership
  • Empowered Personality based leadership style [are successful leaders are of superDNA]
  • Cognitive Engagement & Influencer Role of woman leader for community empowerment
  • Women as community rooting for leadership - Impressions, Jealousy vrs Envy
  • Evolving times - Digital leadership of the AI world Vrs Gen X leadership
  • Contemporary leaders vrs Independent budding entrepreneurs
  • Cracking the Code of “Super Me - the Woman” : Narcissist or logical Perfectionist?
  • Power Couple - Boon or Boo! Brainstorm
  • Economic Independence, Age, Power Struggle vrs Mind Games ( Gender specific Psychology )
  • Developing futuristic state of mind, a robust contingent plan for survival


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Training Delivery : Collaborative Training only .

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    We are open to partnerships with AI & Analytics firms within Hyderabad and globally to take the Ideas as a reflector to develop futuristic state of art LMS of BOTs, Data Analytics, Machine learning Algorithms, Psychology infused women centric human behavioural patterns recognition.

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