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At wEmpower-W, we desire to contribute towards a jumbo-shift in the thought process of leaders in India, by bringing in unique and disruptive award winning, globally renowned gender diversity improvement initiatives to create an inclusive work culture, under our brand & flagship wEmpower-W Communication & Training Pvt Ltd at Hyderabad, India.

Globally, there is a dearth of transitional corporate readiness programs which help and assist women to reskill and upskill themselves enabling them to achieve sustainability, employability, emotional readiness and success in their field of work. Our programs will help them to handle apprehensions about encountering stumbling blocks along the way that might potentially end their renewed careers.

At wEmpower-W, our penetrating razor sharp vison for collaborating with award winning women SME independent training consultants under one room, will be able to address the challenges faced towards creating a demand for women centric programs rather than the generic programs

Source: Boston Consulting Group

Returnee Programs : Most of the women returnees in addition to bringing along with them the benefit of commendable academic excellence would have also undergone various industry specific trainings at their earlier stints. Do you deny ? returnee prejudice as unfortunate it is corporate strategy of lagging in new age skills, Managers do not perceive them as an innately talented pool instead they are left to the mercy of line managers to upskill and reskill and bring themselves to speed, when they return. Organizations perceive the investment on women returnees to be an added cost and often the ROI is not justified through performance of the invested women employees.

Lets not deny, that many women returnees have to face discrimination right from the stage of the interview process. Personal questions to second guesses on authenticity of information provided by women during interview is morale draining & negative impact. Less of technicality more of personal view of interviewer .Sometimes tools of interviewing is based on body language than listening to response.

Aftermath of women returnee to work : When it comes to appraisal, women returnees are appraised tad lesser than their male counterparts at the same level.

Sexist Bureaucratic Ecosystem : Clearly, there is a significant gender bias leading to gender diversity gap and it only widens further more every time, when an employee takes a break for biological reasons. A woman’s cultural conditioning, societal pressure, structurally inflexible workplace, lack of support systems and other personal reasons make a break inevitable in her career journey.

Women Leaders mid -management to top yet a façade? Global forecasts project that women will have significant, increased economic and financial impact over the next decade both as consumers and investors.

The question we need to ask ourselves is – Is it enough to provide just an idea of women empowerment to employees or do you think it is imperative in the present day to equip women with what actually leaves them empowered?

Source : Economic Times. Annual salary increment of 10% has been assumed. As of Jan 2018.

Extended breaks can cost woman 43% of earning potential There is a big disparity in the earning trajectories of a man and a woman who took career breaks


Source : CNBC.COM

Source : Development Dimensions International

The management at wEmpower-W strongly believes

I) Women empowerment programs are continuous learning initiatives

II) Women retention programs as returnee employees does not in the essence voice women empowerment, gender equality & inclusion in the corporate sector.

Food for thought: Then Why does the statistics gets mixed up often as

Our “Audacious” effort & Shout-Out to Global Investors : In lieu with EU’s Gender Diversity initiative 2020, our shout-out for new-age women -centric programs to Global key players, Training L&D companies as knowledge partners will accelerate and help reframe gender diversity goals, encourage women towards building collaborative mentorship with our mentors /SME WOMEN behavioral trainers, a close gender perspective for continuous learning to grow equal inclusive gender - diversity at your workplace.

We strive to provide a readiness program for every corporate working woman, inspiring women entrepreneurs, women on break,to build their confidence, modulate their behavioral and communication skills and if need be, provide them with a life -mentor who can guide them through their paths, leading to their success. On short breaks, organizations need to provide a readiness programs prior to the break, which will leave the employees motivated enough to return to their jobs.

These newly discovered traits and tools will help women focus on how to build strategies to help them maximize their effectiveness in their negotiation interactions. It will equip them with the knowledge of skills and behaviors needed to succeed in their careers making them compitent warriors in the corporate game of equality.

From a bird eye perspective, skill development, programs and communication are crucial to women empowerment.

An ongoing mentorship from women SME’s, facilitated by new-age technology realm to reality for the women trainee of wEmpower-W, will be equipped to face with ease the inherent & mitigated challenges at workplace as ongoing one-to-one coaching plan, hence our vision has a far more significant impact on the women mindset.

Women Empowerment is a strategic ongoing process of providing the tools, training, resources, encouragement and motivation to employees enabling women employees to perform at the optimum level. It is a process of defining, challenging and overcoming barriers leading to success in an engaged and productive environment.

Organizations in the present day strive to be a diverse employer and are constantly trying to build an environment and culture that empowers women to define their personal approach to success.

  • #Diversity #Inclusion

Globally, organisations are making it mandatory to have policies in place to alter their approach towards empowering WOMEN. An organization that supports the advancement of women in the workplace has been found to enjoy far greater financial success, a more diverse, a more engaged workforce and greater respect and loyalty from their stakeholders.

  • Culture of #Equality

Creating a culture of #Gender Diversity and equality enhances the potential of all employees and helps leaders define and implement strategies that can make a significant difference. Leaders in the organization can foster a culture of equality by building an inclusive workplace - creating a culture that fully engages and supports employees without any inequality.

“Kellogg India is committed to providing an environment, which thrives on diversity and equality for hiring and nurturing women power. They strive to create an ecosystem that supports their women employees through their critical life stages, like marriage and motherhood” - LiveMint

  • #EqualPay

It is indeed imperative that organisations take comprehensive action to close gender gaps and ensure transparency in goal setting, hiring process and to eliminate gender pay gaps.

“At Google, both men and women are promoted at the same rate with same pay packages. It has policies in place to encourage female staff to put themselves forward for promotion” - Verdict UK

  • #Flexi-Work

Flexible work arrangements should be introduced as an effective tool to attract top talent and as a cost-savings measure to reduce turnover, productivity and absenteeism.

“Nissan Motor Corporation has flexible working policies in place, which allows its employees to work from home up to 40 hours per month”.

  • Power Of #Enhanced #Communication

Few Organisations initiative to introduce internal women’s internal focus groups or discussion boards helping women to have a common platform to bring #forth-right issues in a safe anonymous environment, moderated by HR helping them to voice out their issues without job insecurity . These networks drive women to help one another and forge a strong and supportive community with their peers.

- Accenture thrives on their global internal website which connects women across the company and provides resources such as the personal experiences of other Accenture women, education and tools to help women define their visions of success. It drives initiatives and programs to support women locally and help them build strong networks, both within Accenture and with the broader community.

- Accenture empowers women with in-demand skillsets with specific sponsorship programs and fast- track the careers of the highest performing women.

  • Women # Leadership

Organisations must be intentional about appointing women in their leadership roles, who lead to become role models to all women at workplace.

“At Goldman Sachs they believe in engaging not only women but also male senior leaders in their women’s network programs through hosting events, coaching and mentoring women and advancing the dialogue on gender in the workplace”



#Gender inequality is one of the biggest concern where most of the women believe their gender, sexuality or cultural background could curb their career progress.

While there are fewer than four women globally in leadership roles to every 10 men, the ratio is only one in four in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a McKinsey Global Institute report - HINDUSTAN TIMES

#Globally, women continue to face a pay gap. Unspoken yet, there is a lack of transparency in pay package and more often, women have to deal with negotiations for a deserved pay. - BUSINESS TODAY

  • #Myth or #Perception
    • Women face issues of self-confidence and find it difficult to communicate assertively and hence, don’t get enough traction with peers and superiors.
    • Women feel nervous about the impact of having a family on their careers. and despite maternity leave being offered, new mothers feel overlooked for promotions and special projects upon their return to work.
    • Women fear negative consequences if they take flexible working arrangements.
    • Women feel the work environment is not conducive enough to support and enhance women in their career progression.

Those Organizations which #Empower #WOMAN employees through more relevant gender related #Behavioural #Psychological skills training, build environments in which women advance more assertively with new built confidence improving gender diversity ratio, facing inherent & unprecedented challenges at workplace with newly acquired #Self-Readiness

Author : Swedha Shriram (Experienced Corporate Trainer)

TEAM : https://www.wEmpower-W.com

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